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Our delicious, caffinated, adrenaline junkie adventure story

Built to be the meeting place and take-off point for your Squamish adventures, the RideHub Cafe merges our love of Coffee with our passion for cycling. 

As an established Mountain Bike coaching, guiding and tour operator, we began our retail adventure in the back of a 20 foot cargo trailer. This year we opted to invest into a brick and mortar location (we still have the trailer) and can now offer some of the best coffee, sandwiches and snacks in Squamish, along with our usual compliment of amazing bike tours and equipment rentals.

We even have a bike parts retail shop and service bench to take care of those last minute fixes and adjustments before you head out for the day


Our Coffee

The best damn coffee and coolest vibe this side of the 99...

We proudly serve AGRO Roasters organic coffee and espresso


AGRO Nocturnal Espresso

The Nocturnal Espresso has origins in Brazil, Peru and Sumatra. The roast is dark with flavors of dark chocolate and caramelized sugar


AGRO Dark Peru Espresso

Our decaf is single origin, from Peru and is a dark roast with notes of dark chocolate and berries and finishes very creamy and complex

The Drip

AGRO Sumatra Dark Roast

Our drip coffee is again single origin, this time from Sumatra. A dark roast with a sweet, earthy chocolate tone and creamy mouth feel



The classic, the best way to experience the flavor of our coffee!


$4 / 4.5

The italian classic, espresso with steamed milk and milk foam


$4 / 4.5

A bowl of espresso with more milk and less foam


$4 / 4.5

We’ll make you a Latte Macchiato, but we can also make you a proper italian macchiato – your call…

Iced Coffee


Cold coffee, with coffee ice cubes, so your melting cubes make more coffee. Brilliant!

Full Send


The namesake says it all, our premium sumatran drip coffee, with a shot of espresso. Go big!

Squamp Fog

$4.5 / $5

Our take on the classic London Fog, using our renowned Denman Island tea



Our best coffee, watered down with Squamish’s world famous water


$4 / 4.5

Only the best dark chocolate mixed with our wonderful coffee and steamed milk

mocha coffee espresso



Espresso and milk foam

Flat White


Back to simpler times where milk foam wasn’t so popular

Icy Holeshot


A RideHub staple, so much chilled caramel goodness in your iced coffee, with coffee cubes!

The Drip

$2.5 / 3

Arguably the best drip coffee on earth. poured with love.



Ice Cream + Espresso = Winning

Our food

Made locally here in Squamish, our food is the best way to start your day of adventuring. We serve delicious breakfast wraps, lunch sandwiches and a host of goodies to keep you fuelled up and energized

Some of our edibles

Sandwich of the Day


A welcome surprise for lunch time, our locally made sandwiches

Breakfast Wrap


Mattis pulvi nar dapibus
Vuctus nec ullam corper

Salted Caramel Slice


For the sweet tooth in your party, they’ll have a hard time leaving without one of these in their mouth hole.

Pocket Bacon


Bacon. Take it to go, or on a stick. The perfect fatty snack!

Vegan Wrap


House made falafel, hummas, and some secret ingredients make this a go to for the vegetable lovers.

Goji Bars


Superfoods for all your adventures!

Power Balls


While it won’t win you millions, these Power Balls will keep you energized!

Fruit Bags


A selection of fruits in a reuseable bag that you can keep for your adventures

Our tea

Our tea comes from an ex-squamite, who now lives on Denman Island and uses weird sorcery to make the best tea known to human kind...

We proudly serve Denman Island loose leaf teas

Masala Chai


In it’s classic form, it’s a beautiful, sweet concoction of strong tea, cinnamon, clove, anise, ginger, cardamom and quite often  black peppercorns.

Earl Grey Select


For those wonderful folk out there who have a penchant for smooth, black, robust tea, sprinkled with Italian Bergamot, then our version of Lord Grey’s famous tea will make you salivate.

Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos


Not all vanilla extracts are created equally, nor taste the same.  Our chief Tea Sommelier spent a great deal of time, exploring & tasting what was available for vanilla Rooibos tisanes.

Midnight Jasmine


Now organically grown, and slightly coarser grade Jasmine than our popular Chun Mee,  with a much lighter price tag as well.



German Cut Leaf Peppermint exudes a clean fresh mint fragrance, with nothing ‘muddy” clouding the bright cup.

Canadian Breakfast


So rather than pay homage to those lovely Brits,  we decided to create our own breakfast blend – uniquely Canadian.

Cream of Earl Grey


There is a multitude of Cream Earls available, each heralding something different.  Our Cream Earl Grey is indeed one of the most unique.

Crimson Berry


Gather a bunch of dried organic berries, red currants, rose hips, rose petals, hibiscus, and some berry extract, steep it with boiling water, pour over ice with a pinch or two of raw sugar.

London Fog Latte


Rather than using a store bought teabag, elevate your latte with strong rich tea from the Assam Valley, scented with Bergamot oil, vanilla, and cream.

Sunset Sencha


An earthier Sencha than our superior grade, but less expensive and also not as delicate. The citrus extracts and tropical notes make this a very refreshing afternoon tea break.

More than just a cafe...

Let's Ride Bikes!

We are also Squamish’s premiere Mountain Bike coaching, guiding and tour operator. We serve the Sea to Sky corridor and help make your trip to Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler a memorable one.

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